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The Integro Pharmacy difference

Care - homes
Care – homes

Integro Pharmacy offers one of the most comprehensive pharmaceuticals services to Care Homes and Nursing Homes. We can help you further raise the quality of care you give, whilst reducing costs, risk and administrative overhead

Our operation is the first of its kind. Our advanced infrastructure with highly efficient procedures uses state of the art technology. We offer full support and ongoing training for staff using our system.

The Integro Pharmacy advantage

Range of pod and blisters based dosing system:

We offer both multidose and Nomad dosing systems so that we can tailor the package to what you need, Multidose is particularly good where a lot of tablets/capsules are used, as we pre-dispensed them into ready to take pods. This means no more de-blistering is needed by staff, no more running out before the end of the month, easy auditing and no mess.

It promotes mobility and confidence amongst seld-medicators, offers protection for residents, care staff, nurses and management:

  • variable peel strength
  • tamper evident
  • each individual pod has residents name, time, date, medication and is colour coded.

We offer a range of different styles of MAR charts to best suit your needs. All include a photo id that matches the solid base systems.

Fast response to acute prescriptions

For medicines, we aim to offer a 4-hour turn around during opening hours. For the product on your critical list, we hold an emergency supply.

For the dressing, hosiery etc, if you fax us the prescription by 3:30pm we will be able to deliver the next day. Through our sourcing partners, we offer a range over 7,000 dressings, hosiery, catheters etc.

We also have a contract with ONPOS.

Integro Pharmacy fits in with your care requirements perfectly…

Because Integro Pharmacy specialises in Care Home and Nursing Homes, we can offer bespoke service to match your requirements perfectly.

Our range of pad and blister based dosing systems offer a simple, safe and cost-effective medication solution that will benefit both staff and patients.

We accept prescriptions by both emails and fax ensuring the fastest possible turnaround time. Need a rapid response to acute prescriptions? We have a team of drivers ready to react.

We can supply a range of Medication Administration Records. Our comprehensive hand over programme ensures a smooth transition from your existing provider to ourselves.

Helping you every step of the way

Comprehensive hand over programmes

We recognise that the transition period between systems or suppliers can potentially be a time upheaval for any organisation. We, therefore, like to meet with you beforehand to sort out your preferences, to tell you about the systems we offer and to provide a welcome pack so that you know exactly who you will be dealing with day-to-day. You will then have your own pharmacy ream leader to talk to, someone that knows you, and your residents, so any questions can be answered quickly, and requests actioned straight away.

Training Programmes

At Integro, we aim to offer a range of training sessions for your Carehome staff as a part of our ongoing support service, We can arrange a visit to your home by one of our pharmacy team, or your team can attend one of our accredited training course online.

We also understand the continued necessity for the training of existing and new members of staff in your Care and Nursing Home. Whether involved directly or indirectly, with the administration of medication, our training programmes ensure that your staff are fully supported and trained to operate effectively and efficiently.

As the CQC advises the use of accredited training for staff,|Integro offers two styles of a training session. An initial training session ensures all staff members are comfortable with the medication system you choose, covering the fundamentals of monitored dosage systems, liquid administration, documentation, ordering and risk assessment.

We run an online training session once a year to support your home covering a more detailed medication programme, and any updates and case studies released by the CQC.

Our training covers additional topics ranging from social care to disease management and is designed to be practical and immediately useful to care staff.